Best Place To Buy Rims Online in 2022

Are looking to buy a set of custom aftermarket rims and tires? We give you the top 9 tire and wheel retailers with the best prices, services, and financing.

We review the top tire and wheel online retailers to bring you only the best ones.

Nothing makes a car or truck more appealing than a new set of wheels and tires. Swapping out the OEM wheels will instantly give your ride a more aggressive, stylish, or modern look. But, how do you know if you are getting a good deal?

In this article, we cover the best online tire and wheel shops, who has the best selection of wheel brands and tires, the best service, fastest shipping and most offer financing for most packages.

By Maurice Rodriguez
March 5, 2022

Finding a reputable tire and wheels shop online can be difficult if you don’t know the reputation of the seller. To make it easier for you to find the best selection we have researched top online wheel and tires shops based on reviews, years in business, service, free shipping, amount of tire and wheel selection, and availability of financing. 


Tire Rack has been selling tires and rims for over 40 years since 1979. They are the largest and oldest online distributor of tires and rims in the country. They are being acquired by Discount Tires making them the largest tire dealer in the country.

Tire Rack

The reason Tire Rack has been the most popular online Tire retailer is that they offer free shipping with orders over $50 and free 2-year road hazard assistance.

They also have an extensive catalog of 26 tire brands and 60 wheel brands that they carry. So you know they are going to have the right tire and rim combination you are looking for on your next car or truck.

Discount Tires

Discount Tires was started in 1960 by founder Bruce T. Hale in Ann Arbor, Michigan with one store and six tires. Bruce grew his tire business over the years with the philosophy of treating people with respect and fairness and always doing the right thing. How cool is that?

Discount Tires is now the largest national tire and wheel retailer with over 1,000 stores in 35 states. Now that they are purchasing Tire Rack they will be able to offer customers even more options in wheels and tire packages. With Discount Tire having so many locations you have the option to visit a store for service or order a set of tires shipped to your home that are already mounted and balanced.

Discount Tire offers 57 tire brands and 75 brands of rims! They will definitely have the right tire wheel combo you are looking for. They also have a large selection of prebuilt packages of tires and wheels at a great price, including financing.

They also offer military discounts for those that have served.

Wheel Max

Wheel Max is a relative newcomer to the wheel and tire game. They claim to be the largest mail-order retailer of wheels and tires. They have been doing business out of Florida for the last 7 years and have been making quite a name for themselves.

Wheel Max offers 87 rim brands and 41 tire brands in their catalog, which is quite impressive. They offer free shipping like Tire Rack and ship to the lower 48 states.

Wheel Max offers a compatibility guarantee with every order ensuring your order will fit your vehicle. Wheel Max (at their discretion) will either refund or exchange your wheels if they don’t fit.

Wheel Max packages only come with a 6-month road hazard warranty

Car iD

Car iD was founded in 2008 by Steven Royzenshteyn and is based out of Cranbury, NJ. Car iD is an e-Commerce store that focuses on OEM automotive replacement parts for all things automotive. They also have an extensive aftermarket parts catalog.

Car iD’s website claims to have a very large inventory of wheels and tires but I couldn’t get an exact figure. They seem to have a good selection of both and include free TPM sensors, balancing weights, mounting and balancing, an installation kit, and free shipping in most cases.

Wheel Hero

Wheel Hero is headquartered out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and was founded in 1992. Since then they have expanded to a 50,000 sq. ft. facility to distribute and ship around the country.

In 2013, they launched the Wheel Hero online retail to serve a larger audience. They currently carry 35 tire brands and 75 wheel brands on their website.

Wheel Hero offers fast free shipping (in 72 hours!), a fitment guarantee, easy returns, and financing.

Wheel Pros

If you’ve never heard of Wheel Pros, they are a large wheel and tire retailer that are also the owners of some impressive brands like American Racing, Black Rhino, Foose, Fuel, KMC, Niche, Moto Metal, Rotiform, and XD. They own some of the largest names in the rim industry.

Wheel Pros started out as a wheel distributor in 1996 with two warehouses in Denver and Dallas. Since then they have gone on to create MotoMetal king of the large black truck wheels, off-road king KMC Wheels, Muscle car legend American Racing, and custom luxury brand Asanti. They have a wheel for any taste.

While Wheel Pros does not sell tire and wheel packages online (just wheels). They do help you find a local dealer to help you find the right rim and tire. For pricing, labor, and installation services they will put you in touch with a tire shop of your choice.

Custom Offsets

Custom Offsets, Fitment Industries, and Trail Built are all one company with different websites for each use type of wheel. Custom Offset is the lifted truck forged, milled rim segment, Fitment is dedicated to the racing, JDM, forged wheel, and Trail Built is their newest category of specialized off-road beadlock hardcore wheels.

Custom Offsets
Check out this “Bad Ass Bow Tie”

Custom Offsets was the first site to be developed in 2013 to provide aftermarket truck wheels, tires, and suspension lift kits. Custom Offsets is based out of Appleton, Wisconsin. They have a great YouTube channel giving you a history of some of the best wheels in the business.

Custom Offset has 90 brands of wheels, and 56 tires to choose from. They also offer free shipping in the lower 48. Custom Offset has great support if you are looking for a custom “offset” look and aren’t sure what you need. They can help you get the right off-road, mudding, or crawling tire.

Wheel packages ship for free, are mounted, and balanced, with TPS sensors also for free. They arrive at your door ready to be installed. 0% financing is available also for those looking for a good deal.

Fitment Industries
Fitment Industries

Fitment Industries is the specialized site for custom aftermarket rims for sports cars, tuners, muscle cars, and exotics. Here you can find over 200 wheel brands, 64 tire brands, and 21 suspension brands! Their catalog is very comprehensive and can accommodate just about any taste, build, or look you can conceive.

Check out Fitment Industries Garage to learn how to properly fit wheels and tires on a Miata.

Just like Custom Offset, wheel packages ship for free, are mounted, and balanced, with TPS sensors also for free. They arrive at your door ready to be installed. 0% financing is available through affirm financing which offers flexible payments, and you can apply online.

Trail Built

Trail Built is also part of the Custom Offset family with the purpose of better serving the hardcore off-road enthusiast with aftermarket wheels with beadlocks, forged milled wheels, and tires for mudding, crawling, and desert running.

Trail Built has 39 wheel brands, 19 suspension brands, and 38 tire brands to choose from. They also offer free mounting, balancing, and shipping. Financing through Affirm Financing at 0% is also available.


If you are wondering about the average cost of rims, we did a cost analysis of the average cost of rims. We take a look at what makes a rim cost more like material and the most important factor size. Check out, How Much Do Rims Cost?

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Before I spend my hard-earned money I like to do all the research I can. A new set of wheels and tires can go from $800 to well over $3,000 if you want to go bigger. That’s why we hope we have provided all the information you will need to make the right choice, that will provide you with a good-looking ride you will be proud to get into every time.

We are all things cars.

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