How Much Do Rims Cost? (Find the best online prices, Types, and Sizes)

The cost of a replacement rim can depend on the size, type of material, and style of rim. We help you find the best price on rims using prices from the top vendors in the industry.

There are many reasons to upgrade or replace a rim on your car or truck. Rims can quickly refresh a tired-looking ride, or give your car or truck a performance advantage on and off the road.

By Maurice Rodriguez
March 1, 2022

We have collected list price data from the top 3 online and brick and mortar sources for new rims. We used data from Tire Rack, Discount Tire, and the best online mail-order wheel retailer Wheel Max to bring you the average cost of 11 types of rims.

Find out the average cost of rims and see if it’s in your budget.

How Much Do Rims Cost?

The cost of rims depends on several factors. The biggest contributing factors to the cost of rims are the diameter (how big are the rims), material (steel vs aluminum), and how the rim is manufactured.

  • Diameter – Size matters. A larger rim will cost more in material and therefore be more expensive. For every inch in diameter, the cost of a rim goes up by 25%
  • Material – Steel rims are cheap but an aluminum or magnesium rim costs you on average 50% more.
  • Type of Rim – Cast rims are rims that are cheap to make because they are made by pouring molten aluminum into a mold while a forged rim is made using a single solid piece of billet aluminum that is milled using a CNC machine which requires a great deal of time and expertise.

Average Price of Rims

According to MotorTrend and ModernTireDealer the most common rim in the auto industry was the 15” inch rim for a decade. But most OEM manufacturers are moving to a larger rim. Most are using a 17” rim with 18” rims a close second. But three of the top six spots are taken by 18” inch rims. This means as an industry 18″ inch rims are the current trend in rims since they make up almost 10% of total sales.

Average Rim Costs are based on one 18” inch rim for a 2021 Ford F-150 since it’s the highest-selling vehicle in 2021 with 3% of all new total car sales. Obviously, to find out the total cost for a set of rims multiply by four to get the final cost.

Type of RimDiscount Tire  Tire Rack  Wheel Max  Average Price Per Rim
OEM Factory Rim  $626.77*$449.95**$1,022.11***$699.61
Steel Rim$139.33$91.16*  $171.11+$134.08
Machined Rim$266.00$326.84$286.25$293.03
Milled Rim$290.34$388.80$347.35$342.16
Chrome Rim$337.88$472.81$384.28$398.33
Painted Rim$278.03$326.50$329.57$311.37
Black Rims$274.52$303.23$313.25$297.00
Bronze Rim$280.18$331.75$335.31$315.75
*Data Collected from
**Data Collected from
***Data Collected from
+Data collected from

After collecting at least 20 rim prices from each vendor and averaging the price from all three there were no real surprises. OEM rims were priced 50% more than most aftermarket rims. However, that was expected since OEM rims generally are sold at dealerships with high markups.

Machined and Milled were very close in price since they are manufactured in very similar processes. Chrome rims were the most expensive aftermarket rims which also makes sense since they require more materials to manufacture and extra labor to apply the chrome. Painted rims were all priced very close to one another since using different colors is just a matter of choice.

As far as pricing, Discount Tire beat the other two competitors in every category which wasn’t surprising since they are the leading tire and wheel vendor in the country. I would have assumed that Wheel Max would have been able closer in pricing but aren’t too far behind and also have a very large selection to choose from.

Forged milled aftermarket wheels are not expensive and can give your car’s style a boost

OEM Factory Rims vs. Aftermarket Rims

OEM Rims (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – are the original type of rims that your vehicle came with from the factory.

The advantage to buying original OEM rims is that you don’t have to worry about fitment issues. The tires won’t rub or cause any wheel-bearing issues. The manufacturer has made sure the rims and tires provide a comfortable ride and performance.  But, OEM rims purchased from a dealership can be costly and the main reason why most owners begin exploring aftermarket rims.

OEM rims are also usually made from steel and are heavier than most aftermarket rims that are made of aluminum alloys that are much lighter. Lighter rims will improve fuel efficiency, performance and give you a little style.

OEM Rims


  • Will fit perfectly
  • Won’t rub against fender wells
  • Won’t change ride or comfort


  • Can be more expensive to purchase from a dealership than aftermarket rims
  • Basic styles

Aftermarket rims – are rims that are manufactured to provide style, performance, and meet budgetary needs.

Style – is the main reason most car owners switch to an aftermarket rim. The styles, colors, and sizes available can make any car or truck much more stylish and change the complete look of the vehicle.

Performance – Aftermarket rims are made from aluminum alloys making the rims much lighter than OEM rims. This weight savings in unsprung weight (the mass that is attached to the suspension) can give you a performance edge if a small one.

Budget – Aftermarket rims can be 50% cheaper than OEM rims which is a huge saving for those on a budget.

Reliability – When purchasing aftermarket rims make sure you buy from a reputable vendor with a history of making aftermarket rims with a warranty to back up their products. Not all vendors test their products for reliability like OEM rim manufacturers and could be faulty or defective when performing high-stress maneuvers. So make sure you trust your dealer or vendor.

Aftermarket rims


  • Better Style, Color, and Size
  • Improved performance from lighter alloys
  • Generally cheaper than OEM rims


  •  Reliability – make sure you buy from a trusted source

Rim Buyers Guide – What Size Rims Fit My Car?

If you have decided that you want to go with an aftermarket rim but aren’t sure what rims will fit on your ride, you have to know a few details so you can make an informed decision.

While most websites have some sort of wheel configurator or visualizer that can tell you the right rim that will fit your ride you should be aware of some rims basics. Check out our rim buyer’s guide below to have all the information you will need to make the right choice that will fit your car or truck.

If you want to customize your ride height, suspension, or go for a different look you need to understand the terms to help your wheel vendor understand the look you are trying to achieve.

In the next section, we will explain the four rim dimensions that will help you find the right rim. These four rim measurements are wheel diameter, wheel width, bolt pattern, and wheel offset. These dimensions are often seen as 17×6 4-100 40. Take a look at our short explanation on what these numbers mean.

If you’ve never shopped for rims take a look at our infographic below that explains rim dimensions and what all those numbers mean.

Types of Rims

How much do Black rims cost?

After collecting data from the top 3 tire and wheel vendors (Discount Tire, Tire Rack, and WheelMax) in the country the average cost for a single black 18” inch rim is $297. Black painted rims are similar in price to other painted rims (Gold, Bronze, and Red) and are an excellent option to give your car or truck a touch of style.

Neochrome Rims Cost

If you are unfamiliar with Neo Chrome rims, they are rims that have been chrome plated, and then a coating of titanium oxide is applied in a vacuum with an electrical arc that gives the rim a titanium burnt look that looks very unique.

We found three places in the United States (,, and that offer this type of chrome plating, and the average price of Neo Chrome plating for a set of four rims is about $250 to $400 depending on the size of the rims.

Chrome Plating Rims Cost?

Chrome plating rims can vary on the size of the rim if prep work like stripping an old coating or sandblasting is necessary. Typically chrome plating per rim starts at about $200 and can be more if prep work is going to be necessary to prepare the rim to be plated.


Finding the right rim can be difficult if you don’ know all the terminology and lingo that is involved in making the right choice. But with a few key pieces of information like diameter, material, and type of rim you can find the perfect rim for your car or truck.

Hopefully, you have found great information here to get you started on finding the right rim that will have you smiling when you look at your ride next.

We are all things cars.

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