Fun Car Air Fresheners for 2022 [New scents]

A fun review of America’s obsession with Little Trees air fresheners and other fun offerings.

America has had an obsession with Little Trees since 1952 when a milkman Julius Sämann, in upper New York was fed up with the smell of spilled milk in his delivery truck. His smelly predicament made the milkman invent a blotter paper that was soaked in fragrances that gave us the first hanging paper air freshener.

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By Maurice Rodriguez
November 2, 2022

Little Trees Air Freshener

In this article, we will take a light-hearted tour of America’s favorite paper Little Trees scents, the Black Ice phenomenon, and other fun newcomers that have a different take on the air freshener.  We have surf companies getting in on-air fresheners, tiny scented record players that really spins, Sasquatches in trucker hats for the hipsters, Strawberry Chicks for the ladies, and Hi-tech car essential oil diffusers.

Little Tree air fresheners can be found at any gas station, auto parts store, car wash, and big box store. They have become a part of the cultural landscape and are ubiquitous as apple pie and football. They can freshen your car, bathroom, RV, and cologne in a pinch. But more on that in a moment. Little Trees are so popular they have become a cultural icon that sells $100 million a year in Little Trees annually. That’s a lot of little trees. The original scent is now the iconic Royal Pine scent but by far not the most popular. The most popular rearview mirror paper hangers are:

  • Vanillaorama
  • New car smell
  • Caribbean Colada
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Coconut
  • Bayside Breeze
  • True North – A new take on the Piney Scent
  • America – In case you didn’t know America smells like Vanilla and Pride. Of course.

PRO TIP: Don’t open that wrapper completely off your tree. Open only enough for the first set of branches to poke out of the wrapper. Every few days expose more branches to get more scent and your little trees will easily last the full 30 days.

Black Ice Air Freshener

The most popular Little Tree air freshener is of course Black Ice. You’ve never heard of Black Ice you say? Well, you are missing out my friend. Let’s hear from users try an explain what is black ice for themselves:

  • From Little Trees: “A mysteriously enticing masculine scent of woods and citrus.” Mysterious, huh.
  • Others say “Musty Teenage Angst.” Smells like teen spirit?
  • “It smells like winning; it smells like victory.” Ok.
  • “A soapy fresh scent.” I can agree with that.

Black Ice is my personal favorite. It’s so popular it comes in spray and canister for you to enjoy in any form of your choosing. Now the most popular scent also has its detractors that claim a young male who uses this scent is of poor moral character and even a pot-smoking scofflaw. Now we don’t judge those that choose to sport the Black Ice without having knowledge of its seedy reputation. I certainly wasn’t aware of its bad rep. Take a look at some of the memes that abound on the internet regarding the notorious Black Ice. You be the judge.

Other Fun Air Fresheners

Sex Wax Air freshener

Mr. Zogs Sex Was air freshener comes in a coconut scent that smells just like the Sex wax you would use on your surfboards in the summer. We love the smell of this as it reminds us of a tropical oasis where coconuts abound and the smell of a salty ocean breeze.

Record Player Air Freshener

The next fun air freshener is a record player that clips to your air vents and makes the tiny scented ‘record’ spin and diffuses its scent into the cabin of your car. My wife loves this retro air freshener and will be going in her stocking this Christmas. You can get a set of 30 more refill records for under $10 so you keep those hits going.

Sasquatch Car air freshener

How can you go wrong with a sasquatch walking with a six-pack of beer and a trucker hat? These fun paper hangers come in a variety pack of the ocean breeze, green tea, and black diamond. The last a month each and give you that hipster look.

Accouterments Squirrel in Underpants Deluxe Air Freshener

What can we say about this? It is a squirrel in underpants. It’s a very piney scent and lasts a long time. We are sure you know someone who deserves this fine gift for their ride.

Strawberry La Chica Fresita Air Fresheners

These fun air fresheners come from Mexico and bring the ladies “La Chica Fresita” which translates  to

“the strawberry chick.” It’s a very cool design and an even better scent that lasts for up to 30 days. If you like strawberries this is the one for you.

MIGHTYDUTY Car Air Essential Oil Diffuser Freshener Diffuser Pink

This essential oil diffuser plugs into your cigarette lighter to diffuse any essential oil you want to create a relaxing aromatherapy session on the go. They come in a variety of colors for any taste.  They are easy to operate. Merely open the container, fill with water, drops of oil, close, plug into your cigarette lighter, and push the on button. It’s that easy!

Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Stainless Steel Locket

I like these stainless steel lockets that just pop into your car air vents. They come in several intricate designs with several colorful felt pads that you place a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil and you are ready to relax and enjoy.

Conclusion: We have covered a wide variety of tastes and we are sure you will find an air freshener that will speak to you and let the world know who you are with style and humor. We have covered America’s favorite Little Trees and many fun air fresheners that will keep you reveling in all the great scents.

We are all things cars.

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