Top 6 Places to Hide a Magnetic Key Holder On Your Car

Having a spare key in an emergency can be a lifesaver. We take a look at the top places to hide a key holder and our top 6 key holder pics.

Few drivers consider a hide a key until they are locked out of their car or get a huge bill from a locksmith to unlock their car. According to Forbes magazine, it costs on average $75 to $150 per call to unlock your car door.

By Maurice Rodriguez
April 16, 2022

A magnetic hide-a-keys are inexpensive, secure, and an easy way to give yourself a lifeline in case you lose your keys or lock yourself out. There are many good options available that are a great covert way to hide a key. We give you some great recommendations to look up and see if they are for you.

Magnetic hide-a-keys are a great place to start but where do you hide the key holder without making it obvious to thieves or hard to reach. Take a look at our list of the Top 6 places to hide a magnetic key holder.

Where do you hide a car magnetic key holder?

We go over some obvious places to hide your key holder and some sneaky ones that you may not have thought of. We also give you our top 5 picks for the best hide-a-keys for your car.

1.   Tire well

Under the tire well is the preferred place by most drivers. But a few things to consider is to make sure your tire well is magnetic and not plastic. Make sure the area is clean before placing your hide a key. As it could fall off it doesn’t make good contact.

Second, if you have a lifted truck or tall SUV a hide-a-key in a tire well might be visible to anyone walking by. The tire well as a hiding place for a hide a key is best suited for lower cars, sedans, or sports cars.

Nite Ize Waterproof Key and Fob Hider

The Nite Ize Key and Fob hider is an excellent choice for those that need a larger hide a key for cars with fobs. It has 3 powerful magnets that can securely attach to any metal under your tire well or undercarriage. Since it’s weatherproof you can be sure that your keys or fob will not get damaged from water or rust. Nite Ize also includes an adhesive by 3M to attach to any surface that is not metal as well.

Fob Tip: If you are going to store a fob, remove the battery before hiding it so that your car doesn’t ‘sense’ the fob.


  • 3 Powerful Magnets that attach to any metal surface
  • Waterproof seal
  • Can hold Fob and keys
  • Includes 3M adhesive to attach to non-metallic surfaces


  • Do not block your fob’s signal. Remove the fob battery before hiding it.

2.   Bumper

Most truck bumpers are still made of steel and are great places to hide a spare key behind the bumper. We like this spot as it’s easy to access and would be hard to spot unless you know about it. So, make sure no one notices you placing a spare key here.

But if your car has plastic or fiberglass bumpers then this is not going to work for a magnetic lockbox.

Locker BOXX

The Locker Boxx is a great magnetic hide a key for those that love the outdoors and don’t want to carry bulky keys with them.


  • Two strong neodymium magnets
  • Made of black polymer hard plastic
  • Great for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Can be used as a GPS Tracker case


  • Does not include a GPS tracker

3.   Tow Receiver Box

We love this hiding spot. It’s creative and perfect for trucks or SUV’s with a hitch. Most hitches have a cover to protect the receiver box when it’s not in use. This is where this covert hide a key comes in handy!

HitchSafe Key Vault

The Hitchsafe Key Vault is a great place to hide a spare key in plain sight. It is secured by a 4-number combination lock and lock pins that lock into your hitch receiver box. It is easy to install with no tools required. Your spare key goes into a small drawer and fits almost any size key or fob.

It also has a rubber cover to make your hitch receiver look like any other hitch.


  • Clever place to hide a spare key
  • No tools are needed for installation
  • 4 number combination lock
  • Comes with a rubber cover


  • None we could find

4.   Undercarriage

If you are struggling to find a metallic spot to attach your magnetic key holder (and if you don’t mind getting a little dirty) you can always count on your undercarriage to be made out of steel. Most car or truck frames are still made out of steel and are a great place to hide a spare key.

Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder

The Gorilla Box Magnetic Key Holder is our favorite pick because it uses a waterproof case, has an XL option for larger items like a fob or GPS, and uses very strong powerful magnets to attach securely to any metal frame. This box has been getting lots of rave reviews for users on Amazon.


  • Waterproof Case
  • Comes in an XL option for large items
  • Uses very strong magnets using 50lbs of force


  • None we could find

5.   Gas Cap Cover

Behind the gas cap cover is another potential spot to hide a key. It is easy to access in an emergency, you won’t get dirty trying to retrieve your spare key, and is perfect for a magnetic hide a key.

But this spot is common enough that if a gas thief finds it he may take off you with your car too. So you’ve been warned.

Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Holder

The Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Holder is the most popular hide-a-key of all time. This is the most common hide a key most people think of when they think of a hide a key.

While this is easy to use with strong magnets, very inexpensive at $5, and secure slide-on cover this hide-a-key may not be up to the challenge of everyday driving and could potentially fall off. This hide-a-key is best for hiding a key while jogging, hiking, or anytime you are outdoors and don’t need or want to carry your keys with you.


  • Very inexpensive at $5
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in Jumbo
  • Best for temporary outdoor activity use


  • May not withstand everyday driving and fall off

6.   License Plate

We think this spot is a very clever spot that most people don’t think of when trying to hide a spare key. Since most license plates are still made out of stamped steel this is a perfect place to hide a spare key.

Bell Automotive Adjustable License Plate Bracket

The Bell Automotive adjustable license plate bracket is a simple bracket that allows you to adjust your license plate away from your vehicle so you can adjust the angle of the plate. It is made out of chrome-plated steel and is very well made. The bracket will fit on most vehicles.


  • Clever place to hide a key
  • Made from chrome-plated steel
  • It will fit most vehicles


  • None we could find

Bonus for afterschool kids or home

RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

If you are looking for a place to hide a key on your property near your home you should consider the fake rock hide a key by RamPro. It looks like any old rock and blends in well with its surroundings. The ‘rock’ is made out of a polyresin and is weatherproof.

It is an easy hide a key option for kids or in an emergency if you get locked out.


  • Realistic looking rock
  • The tray can hold keys safely
  • Weatherproof


  • None we could find

Instructions on placing your magnetic key holder

1.   Clean the area with a towel

Use a cloth or paper towel to clean the area you plan to use to place your hide a key. A clean surface will make better contact with the magnets and ensure your key doesn’t fall or get lost.

2.   Make sure the area is flat and metal

Use an area like the frame or flat surface to the magnets can securely attach themselves.

3.   Do not use in areas that have been undercoated

If the place you are using has been undercoated your magnets may not have a firm hold. Try another bare metal location.

4.   Make sure the magnet is attached securely. If it removes easily it could fall off and get lost.

Test the hide a keys hold on the metal by tugging on the hide a key. If the hide a key comes off easily then you need to place it somewhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are car keys magnetic?

Most keys are made of steel and are ideal for use with magnets. Make sure they are not made of brass as brass is not magnetic.

Which car key should you hide? (Hint: Don’t use your ignition key)

When using a hide-a-key DO NOT hide your ignition key as this could allow a car thief to steal your car. If you are hiding a key fob remove the battery so the car cannot ‘sense’ the fob and let thieves steal your car as well.

Do magnets affect car keys?

Most magnets used in hide-a-keys are strong enough to get a good grip on most metal surfaces but strong enough to affect your car key fob’s electronics.


We hope you have found a few clever places to hide a spare key for emergencies, or just you’re enjoying the outdoors.

But, remember when hiding a key to make sure no prying eyes see you hiding your key.

Also, don’t leave the hide a key in a spot that can be easily seen by anyone walking by.

We are all things cars.

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