The Best Microfiber Towels For Drying Your Car

A helpful guide on the different types of Microfiber Cloth towels depending on your budget, the type of job you’re trying to tackle.

Microfiber Cloth towels have become very popular for use in the house and your car’s exterior and interior. In fact, they have become so popular they have replaced old standbys like chamois, and cotton towels. But why? Are Microfiber cloth towels better than chamois or cotton towels?

By Maurice Rodriguez
December 6, 2021

Brief History:

Microfiber first came into development in the 1950’s when manufacturers experimented with polyester strands that are one-fifth the diameter of a human hair. The purpose of these experiments was to produce a high-quality synthetic fabric that was softer than silk, wick moisture, dry faster than cotton, has better absorbency, and be tough.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s in Sweden when textile manufacturers began using it in garments for its ability to absorb moisture and resist mildew and bacteria. The absorbency, resistance to mold, and ability to capture dirt made the Microfiber Cloth ideal for cleaning in the home and in cars. These Microfiber cloths can now be manufactured for specific purposes and meet any car need.

We have rounded up the best Microfiber Cloths for your car depending on your budget, or if you are polishing, or drying your car.

The Best Microfiber Car Cloths

Best Budget Microfiber Towel:

Amazon Basics Blue, White, and Yellow

These low-pile microfiber cloths are a 90/10 polyester blend that are soft, absorbent, and get the job done at a bargain price. You get a 24-pack for a very reasonable price if you are looking to stock on some towels. Since these are low-pile they are ideal for dirty jobs where you want to clean oils, dirt, or a quick wipe down.


  • Cheap
  • 24 pack


  • 90/10 blend – means they are pretty thin
Microfiber towel on a shiny black car

Best Pro Level Microfiber for Polishing or Waxing:

Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Towels

These microfiber towels from Chemical Guys are ideal for wiping down your vehicle to get it dry or spraying some wax. They are lint-free (as all microfiber cloths) but have a dual pile strand which makes them great for absorbing, and capturing any loose dirt on the long side and the short side is geared for waterless waxes. They have silk-banded edges so you know they are going to last.

Also, Chemical Guys say these are machine washable as long as you don’t expose them to fabric softener which will make them less effective at picking up dirt.


  • 70/30 polyester blend – means they are extra soft, thick, and absorbent
  • Lint-Free
  • Dual-sided – Long pile/Short pile: ideal for cleaning, drying, and polishing
  • Silk banded edges
  • Machine washable


  • None we could find

Best Microfiber for Drying:

Meguiar’s X2000 Water Magnet        

This microfiber towel from Meguiar’s is a car lover’s ideal towel for drying your car. Two feet wide and almost three feet long making it great for making quick work of drying your car. Meguiar’s says it can absorb two times the amount of water a traditional terry towel and is lint-free. The towel has a waffle texture that makes it easy to trap dirt, dust, and grime.


  • Very large at 22”x30”
  • Makes drying quick and easy
  • Waffle design traps more water and dirt
  • Machine washable
  • Lint-free


  • None we could find

Best All-Purpose Microfiber:

Solid Multipurpose Plush Microfiber

These multipurpose microfiber towels from Solid are a 80\20 polyester blend which makes them not as soft as the Chemical Guys microfiber towels but they are also double-sided with a long pile on one side and a shot pile on the other side. This makes it superb for cleaning on the long side and polishing with the short side. This makes these towels very versatile and also lint-free cleaning. Just like the other towels they can absorb several times their weight in water.


  • 80/20 polyester blend makes it super soft
  • Lint-free
  • Machine washable
  • Very absorbent
  • Dual-sided with long and short pile sides


  • Not as soft as Chemical Guys blend


Can MicroFiber towels scratch my car?

No. As long as you remember to wash any debris, rocks, or dirt first before you begin to wipe or polish your car. If dirt, dust, or rocks get trapped in your microfiber cloth they could scratch you paint. Remember, inspect your cloth before you use and make sure it’s clean and free of debris.

Are MicroFiber towels good for detailing your car?

Yes. Microfiber are ideal for detailing your car because they are lint-free, have tiny strands that cling to dust and dirt. They are great for polishing and waxing since they are many times softer than cotton.

What are MicroFiber cloth towels made of?

Microfiber is made of a blend of polyester and polyamides. The blend ratio of 70/30 in the Chemical Guys microfiber refers to the blend of polyesters. The lower the ratio of polyester the softer the microfiber fabric will be.

How to wash and care for MicroFiber car cloths? – From Chemical Guys

Most microfiber cloths are machine washable with normal washing machine detergent but avoid using fabric softener as this might decrease the microfiber cloth’s ability to hold on to dust and dirt.

Microfiber Versus Other Commonly Used Towels Comparison Chart

MicroFiber: A synthetic fiber (usually Polyester) cloth used for cleaning because of its absorbency, softness, toughness, and resistance to mold.

Chamois: A natural porous leather made from sheepskin used in absorbing moisture when drying cars.

Cotton Towel: Made of cotton these towels are tough, soft, and absorbent. They tend to be made of terry cloth


Thickness GSM: The thickness or weight of a fabric is measured in grams per square meter. This is important when considering which material will have the most absorbency and toughness. The higher the number the heavier and generally a sign of higher quality.

 Microfiber ClothCotton TowelChamois
Thickness GSM444300250  
Resistance to MoldYESNONO


I hope we have educated you on which microfiber cloth is the best choice for your ride when you need a towel. We feel the Chemical Guys product stood out the most with the lowest polyester blend, softest of all the towels, and the dual-sided design won us over. The silk edges make it feel like a nice extra touch and will surely make these towels last much longer.

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