Best Windshield Water Repellent Product For You This Winter 2022!

We take a look at the king of water repellents – RainX

Have you ever wondered if all those water-repellent products are any good? Are they worth investing your time and money in? We did some research on found that RainX has an extensive product line to cover all your needs

By Maurice Rodriguez
November 2, 2022

We will take a look at RainX water repellents, RainX washer fluids, and RainX Anti-Fog to determine which are best depending on your weather and type of application.

During our research, we found a few competitors in the water-repellent category that are worthy challengers to RainX’s throne. Invisible Glass makes a very similar product, Griot’s Garage Glass sealant has a solid offering, and finally, we take a quick look at Shine Armor’s ceramic coatings that can protect your windshield and your car’s finish.

Rain X Water Repellent Types

The original RainX Glass water repellent is a silicone-based formula that creates a very smooth surface, water repellent surface on your car’s windshield to bead water right off. It dramatically improves visibility in harsh winter weather. It works extremely well in rainy situations. It comes in three different types of applicators. The Original formula is a liquid that you apply with a clean microfiber towel. The other two come in spray or aerosol applicators which make applying the solution much easier. We found that the spray was our favorite of all the applicators. The liquid applicator is great if you have time to do the job right. But, if you want to clean the windshield quickly and get the water repellent done the spray is your ticket. The Aerosol works well if you don’t have any breezes but we found it gets caught by the wind and is harder to apply. So, beware of trying to apply it in windy situations. If at all possible apply treatments in a dry, wind-free, climate above 40°F.

Original RainX liquid applicator

RainX Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent

Rain-X 2-In-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent Aerosol


  • Original inventor of the windshield treatment product
  • Last at least 30 days before needing another application
  • Comes in three different applicators to suit your needs
  • Cheap to buy


  • None we could find

Rain X Anti Fog

The RainX Anti-Fog reduces the amount of fog moisture build-up on your interior windshield or bathroom mirrors. It’s also helpful at removing smoke residue if you smoke in your car. We feel it helps but does not prevent fog buildup completely. If your car’s heater takes a while to remove condensation you might want to give this a try. In our trials, we found that the RainX cut down our warm-up time by 5 minutes compared to 15 minutes on cold mornings. I don’t live in an area where it gets below 20°F so your mileage may vary. Let us know who you fair in the colder climates. Also, if you don’t clean and dry your interior windshield before applying you will get a lot of streaking. Take the time to apply carefully using a micro cloth towel first and not directly on the windshield. If applied generously this way you will get a good result.

RainX interior glass Anti-fog

RainX Anti-Fogger Spray bottle


  • Only product in the Anti-Fog game
  • Works well in cutting your warm-up time in the morning


  • Can be streaky if not applied carefully
  • Protection doesn’t last – 14 days

Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellent

The folks at Invisible Glass cleaner have a 2-in-1 product that will clean your windows and applies a water-repellent layer to protect you from rain, snow, and ice. The formula works and cuts down on the time you have to spend on your windows this winter. It’s pretty cheap to buy and shortens the amount of time you have to spend on windshield cleaning and applying water repellents. It’s made in the USA and has a money-back guarantee.


  • Works well as a glass cleaner and water repellent
  • Saves you time in your window treatment process


  • The water repellent doesn’t last as long as the dedicated RainX product
  • Last up to 14 days before re-application is needed

Griot’s Garage Glass Sealant

Griot’s Garage Glass Sealant is a great product that creates a hydrophobic (fancy word for repels water) layer on your windshield that makes seeing much easier. Griot’s Garage glass sealant does take time and patience to apply when treating your windshield. If you have time and the patience to do it right, you will get a slick windshield that lasts up to days in our testing. We think Griot’s last longer and does a very similar job to RainX’s Original glass repellent.


  • Works well and beads water like advertised
  • One application lasts 30 days or more


  • You must be careful in applying in to your windshield
  • Takes longer to apply

Shine Armor Ceramic Coating Fortify

Shine Armor Ceramic Coating is a waterless wash, wax, and water repellent that protects your paint, windshield and gives a shine all in one bottle. We strongly recommend you still wash your car and then apply this product. The protective coating lasts a long time and keeps your car looking cleaner longer. If you’re looking for a product that can do all these things and give your windshield a water-repellent quality you should consider this product.


  • Great time saver – 3 in 1 Wash, Wax, and Water repellent
  • Great when you don’t have a lot of time and want a great shine
  • Easy to use
  • Smells like grape juice


  • Water repellent doesn’t last as long – 21 days


What is RainX?

RainX is a silicone-based windshield water treatment that creates a smooth surface on your windshield that makes water glide right off and makes visibility while driving safer. It does an excellent job of making rain, snow, and ice disappear and not obstruct your vision.

How does RainX work?

RainX silicone formula fills the tiny, microscopic ridges on your windshield to create a clear, barrier that makes water simply roll off your windshield.

How do I apply RainX?

  1. Clean your windshield with any glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth
  2. If you are using the spray/aerosol bottle apply directly to the windshield in a dry, wind-free environment that is above 40°F.
  3. If you are using the liquid, apply it to another microfiber cloth and in a circular motion apply an even layer to your windshield.
  4. Once the solution has turned hazy (about 10 minutes) you can begin to buff the residue off.
  5. Once you’ve buffed out the haze you can clean any remaining residue with window cleaner.

How long does an application of RainX last?

We found that RainX lasts for 30 to 45 days before another application is necessary.

Is RainX safe for my windshield?

Yes. RainX is safe but do not apply to trim, weather stripping, or paint as it may leave a film.

Conclusion: We like RainX and have been using it on my personal cars for years and will probably continue to do so. But, the Shine Armor ceramic coating makes an interesting proposition in that it can protect my paint finish, be applied to my windshield, and create the same hydrophobic water-repellent barrier that lasts. I have added Shine Armor to my rotating collection of new products that make my car detailing process much easier and save me some time. I will do a Ceramic Coating showdown versus blog soon and let you know who wins.

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