The Best Car Emergency Escape Tools

A guide on tools to keep in the car in case of an emergency where you would need to cut your seatbelt or break your window.

Have you considered needing an emergency tool to escape your vehicle if it’s on fire, underwater, or upside down? Probably not. Are emergency tools worth keeping in your car?

By Maurice Rodriguez
November 2, 2022

We will take a look at emergency car escape tools and which ones make sense to keep just in case. There are several tools that come in handy in this category – seatbelt cutters, window breakers, and emergency hammers. Each one has its place and some products even include multi-function tools to cover all your needs. Most aren’t expensive and like having a first aid kit, or emergency roadside kit; are worth it even if you only use it once.

Best 2-in-1 Seatbelt Cutter + Windows Breaker:

Resqme Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

Resqme is a small keychain escape tool that includes a seatbelt cutter, and a spring-loaded windows punch. The tool has a quick detach keyring so in an emergency, you can quickly remove the tool from your keychain. Once you pull the tool from the keychain it reveals a seatbelt cutter. Then simply cut your seatbelt and press the tool on your window and it will shatter the safety glass. We felt this tool was the best of all the emergency escape tools because you can always know where it is in case of an emergency and is very easy to use.  


  • Lightweight compact and portable
  • Keychain design makes the tool easily accessible
  • Quick-release keychain holder
  • Visor clip
  • Rearview mirror attachment strap


  • None we could find
In case of emergency.

Best Budget Emergency Escape Tool:

Amazon Basics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

The Amazon Basics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter is also a 2-in-1 tool but is designed to be a window hammer with a double tungsten tip hammerhead and a seatbelt cutter on the other end of the hammer. It comes in a bright orange color and has a protective bracket for safe storage. Although some users say they use double-sided Velcro to attach it to their car, Amazon recommends you put it in your glove box or center console. I think if the tool is in the center console or side pocket it may get lost in a severe crash and be difficult to find. So, I’m not sure how practical this device would be in an emergency.


  • 2-in1 tool – Seatbelt Cutter and Window Hammer
  • Tungsten double-headed hammer
  • Protective Bracket


  • It May be difficult to find in case of an emergency

Ready America Auto Emergency Hammer

The Ready America Auto Emergency Hammer is another 2-in-1 tool with a window hammer, seatbelt cutter, and quick deploy bracket. This one felt the cheapest of all the tools. At $7, it was the cheapest but sure I would trust the cheapest option. Again, a bracket is helpful if you plan on mounting the tool but not very helpful if it gets thrown in an emergency and it is out of reach.


  • Meets basic emergency needs
  • Cheapest option
  • Mounting bracket


  • It may be difficult to find in case of an emergency
  • Felt like the cheapest of all tools

Best Value:

GOOACC Car Hammer

The GOOACC Car Hammer is very similar to the other budget options but you can a pack of 4 in this case making it the best value if you have 4 cars you want to keep an emergency tool. This car hammer has the same double-head hammer steelhead with a built-in seatbelt cutter. It also includes the mounting bracket that we recommend be mounted if you plan on buying this.

Amazon Price Check


  • Comes in a 4 pack
  • Best value if you own multiple cars
  • Bracket included


  • It may be difficult to find in case of an emergency

Best Wife Choice:

Super-Cute Safety Hammer

The Super-Cute Safety Hammer is a great option for those that want a little style with their emergency tools. Besides the eye-catching Barbie pink handle, this tool has a sharp carbide tip and a steel blade seatbelt cutter. The feature we like the most that most of the budget tools miss is this hammer has a visor strap that makes it easily accessible in case of emergency. Being readily accessible when you are disorientated is vital in an emergency.

In case pink is not your thing, it comes in black as well.


  • Carbide-tipped steel point
  • Sweet pink handle
  • Visor strap attachment for easy accessibility


  • Not much weight behind the hammerhead


• How to use a seatbelt cutter?

A seatbelt cutter is very simple to use. Simply place the strap in the seatbelt cutter groove and pull in the opposite direction. To see a video, click on the link:

• Why do I need a seatbelt cutter?

In case of a car emergency involving fire, underwater immersion, or smoke. It allows drivers to extract themselves and loved ones quickly with a tool that can cut a seatbelt and break a window.

• Why use a seatbelt cutter instead of a knife?

A seatbelt rest very close to your body and a seatbelt cutter allows you to cut a seatbelt quickly without cutting yourself.

Conclusion: Our two favorite car emergency tools were the Resqme and the Super-Cute because of their easy accessibility in an emergency. They are thoughtfully designed to be easy to use, have multiple necessary functions (seatbelt cutting and window breaking), and are stored in convenient places in case they are ever needed. The budget ones are OK, but I think if you’re going to spend money on a tool get one that’s there when you need it.

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